ANGELA2Apparently I had no idea what boundaries even were before going to an Equus Workshop with Diane. I really wouldn’t have said boundaries were even an issue for me – but since my experience with the horses – I totally see how my lack of boundaries has undercut my natural leadership skills. Now I can feel, in my body, what it feels like to have my boundaries violated and I know it’s safe to give feedback to let people know when something doesn’t feel good.

I also know setting boundaries is an essential component to leadership. (Previously I thought it was either optional or unrelated.) This work is ridiculously transformational. If you are on the fence about this one, just find a credit card and sign up. I promise you will not regret it! I can’t wait to go back for a second helping!
Angela Lauria www.BooksforLifeCoaches.com

DSC_0703I loved every minute of it and am so grateful for your generosity and that my schedule worked out so that I could be there! All through my sessions yesterday and today I’ve been thinking about “leading” from the third space that transcends the seduction/overpower polarity – a great lesson.
Mary Rentschler, Educational Kinesiloogy

I came to the Listening Beyond Words workshop feeling secretly overwhelmed, isolated, and disconnected from my children, while projecting a very different image to the outside world. As a parent of two children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, I recognized that I needed help and strategies, but also knew that my usual stress relievers, exercise and verbal venting, made me feel temporarily better but not better equipped to parent and create the relationships I wanted long-term.

This experience working with horses, which deeply revealed and put into practice my non-verbal communication abilities, was truly transformative for me. By working with the horses, I immediately understood that my energy, body language, physical communication, and underlying emotional state affected my ability to lead and gain the horse’s trust.

I could instantly connect what was happening in the pen to my experience parenting my children, and also identify how my reactions or feelings of “failure” were overriding me when I truly had the ability to make adjustments and create a different reality. I also began to identify, and clearly see that my non-verbal child is communicating with me all the time.

While this was a “non-verbal” experience, I cannot stop talking about it now because I have never, in my life, processed on such a deep level. I am profoundly changed and forever grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Diane and Koelle.
Mardi, mother to two children with ASD, and Special Education Teacher

As a parent of a grown son, I thought “I’m past needing to learn about how to communicate with my child,” but I had the good fortune of having a private session with Koelle a month earlier, and decided to go to a group session to learn more about my presence and communication style. I was blown away. You learn by watching and by doing, and the focus of listening beyond words for parents is applicable to you and anyone in your life – spouses, business associates, friends…and your own growth and boundaries and relationship with yourself. An amazing time was had by all. Oh…yeah…and guess what relationship is benefitting from the insights gleaned in this workshop? Yup…mine and my grown son’s!
Deb Droz, business owner and mother of a teenage son

What I learned during the “Listen Beyond Words” workshop can be summed up as magical. One of the most important “take-aways” for me as a parent of a non-verbal child was that my fears about my son’s health were causing my love for him to have a desperate quality about it, a need for him to be safe in order for me to be happy. Koelle and Diane have helped me resolve this need within myself for my son to be anything for my happiness. This has allowed my son and I to have a closer relationship, for me to have less stress, stay more present in the moment and release the mind loop that perpetuated my fearful thoughts about his health. They taught me that peace comes from within and is not determined by external circumstances. This is nothing short of personal freedom!

I have known intellectually that my non-verbal son understands everything but doesn’t give indication. Knowing this and experiencing this through the horses are two totally different things! They gave me the experience that they are communicating with me even if it is through non-typical signals. This has been a huge help in understanding my son’s cues and helping him feel successful and thereby encouraging him to communicate more.

Fears that I have struggled with for years seem to have floated away with the wind and no longer carry weight or stress in my life. I still feel a high from the experience and look forward to continuing my growth with their help.
Jennie Rousset, mother of two children.

Christine, a workshop participant, shares with Diane the positive changes in her relationship with her young daughter since returning home after attending the parenting workshop in June. Download to listen to the recorded call.

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Christine, mother of a four year old daughter

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