Workshop Leaders

Koelle Simpson

Life coach and horse whisperer, Koelle Simpson, offers a new perspective on communication and trust development. She is honored to have received extraordinary educational experiences as a direct student of legendary horse whisperer, Monty Roberts, and apprentice of best selling author and Oprah columnist Martha Beck, along with many other two legged and four legged teachers alike. Her mission in life is to help others to reconnect with the amazing lessons of nature. Koelle seeks to create a bridge of communication between one’s true nature and one’s social persona in order to rebuild genuine trust in themselves as well as in their relationships with others. As a result, individuals are able to unleash the powerful, calm, yet irresistible leader that has been patiently waiting just under their surface.

Radio interviewe on Kim Iverson Live March 15th with Koelle.

Koelle’s work is featured in the BBC news video below.

Diane Hunter

I’m Diane Hunter and my  son, Ian, has autism.  He’s also pre-verbal.  Before working with horses I struggled to communicate and connect with my son.  I felt overwhelmed and frustrated and I needed help.  I found the answers in the round pen with a horse and as a result, my entire way of parenting shifted.  I’ve discovered a new awareness of non-verbal communication and we now connect on a deeper level.  I’m listening beyond words.  What my son and the horses have taught me translates to every adult-child relationship whether a child has verbal language or not.

As a Mind-Body coach, I offer a unique coaching program that stems from my experience parenting a pre-verbal child with autism and studying with extraordinary teachers including best selling author and O Magazine columnist Martha Beck. I combine the lessons from my great teachers including my son and horses with mind-body tools to help you discover the power of non-verbal communication. My mission is to share how to listen beyond words and show there is another way of being. I help individuals discover their inner truth and illuminate their path to live life with joy and love. As a result, individuals find freedom from pain and deepen their connection with themselves, their children and everyone around them.

Koren Motekaitis interviewed Diane on her radio show, How She Really Does it on April 3rd 2011.

They talked about leadership, communication and parenting.

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